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About Us

ReNew St. Louis, Inc., is a nonprofit founded under the guidelines of 26 U.S.C. § 170, section 501 (c)(3) and chartered in the State of Missouri. Founded quite unexpectedly in Feruary of 2019 and Chartered the following month.  For many years, areas of St. Louis have fallen victim to the blight that occurs when businesses move out of communities, families move out due to lack of work, homes fall into disrepair to the extent that many have and are being torn down.  The blight has brought in crime.  St. Louis is the number one city in America for crime.  This has to change. The team of  ReNew St. Louis, Inc recognized the conditions and struggles of these communities.  

ReNew St. Louis, Inc., in the first couple of weeks while making community visits and contacts found that there are several small nonprofit organizations that have been trying to help the communities.  Due to their lack of knowledge of running a nonprofit, funding, and/or skills among the members, very little has been accomplished.  ReNew St. Louis, Inc. will be offiering partnerships with the struggling nonprofits in good standing to help them help us to help the communities.  

ReNew St. Louis, Inc.

Mission Statement

ReNew St. Louis, Inc. works with communities to decrease blight, increasing quality housing and reducing crime.  Providing opportunities for Veterans, single parents, youth and other impoverished individuals seeking job development, educational enhancement and quality of life.

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