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Nothing is free except the time, energy and efforts that we freely give for the betterment of the communities that we live in and love.  To give freely to see children grow up in better environments without fear of going outside to play, to let them know that there are good things and good people in the world.  For low income families and  homeless to find themselves in homes, to have the opportunities to continue education in order to find jobs, to see communities florish as they should, it does take some money to accomplish these goals and your donations can help ReNew St. Louis, Inc. see those goals to fruition.  

You can deduct contributions to charity when you itemize deductions on your Schedule A  of Form 1040.

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VEHICLES - In running condition


Resalable or Usable vehicles


to donate vehicles, clothing or other items,use our contact form to reach us.

For your company or coorparte donation, no matter how large or small, you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation to be used for your tax filing as a dontation to a 501 (c )(3) non-profit organization.  For more information regarding donations, please use our online form to contact us or e-mail us at

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