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A Message from the President of Renew from the road May 19, 2019


Volunteering is where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain but to benefit another person or organization.  Volunteering also improves skill developments and intends to promote goodness or improve quality of life.  ReNew St.Louis' members recognize the amazing giving of its volunteers and rejoice when we see volunteers excel from the gift of giving. If you are interested in volunteering with ReNew St. Louis, apply with us and we will be in contact with you.



Most nonprofit organizations can not functions without support from sponsors. that means anything from donations of merchandise to assist with raffles and give-aways to monetary donations.  Our sponsors are highly appreciated.  ReNew St. Louis returns the favor by advertising for your organization or company.

ReNew St. Louis is partnered with Hillsdale College to offer free online classroom education.  Participants attending the future classes available through ReNew St. Louis will receive a certificate from Hillsdale College. Classes that will be available TBA.  Please refer to the calendar page for courses, dates and times of classes.

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