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ReNew St. Louis was formed February 27, 2019, quite unexpectedly, after a few of ReNew's members, who were involved with a previous organization realized that the goals they had would never come to fruition. This was due to one member that did not understand how nonprofit organizations need to function, did not want to follow the rules and regulations required by states and government and basically didn't have the knowledge or skills of running an organization, leading a team and maintaining the vision of the organization.

On that day, none of us had any clue what was to transpire. One of ReNew's members was just considering joining the other team. The secretary had just spoken with the potential new member the day before and encouraged him to join. Then, over the other person's personal money issues that the secretary/friend was helping him manage, the secretary questioned him regarding whether or not he had purchased a lap top for the organization as he said he was going to do instead of buying a television for himself, he lost his temper, "fired" and blocked the secretary at that moment. He did not seem to realize, you don't hire and fire board members or friends for that matter. He didn't know that to remove someone from an organization, it takes board action, majority vote, minutes, resolution, etc.

If an organization of any type is on shaky ground and one or more of the strong individuals leave due to poor management or no management, others will naturally follow. The day that the secretary was "fired", she thought that was the end of something that could have been amazing for a community in distress and its people. There was so much potential to be had, and she was extremely sadden at the thought of the end of great things that could have been, her initial plans were to walk away, focus on her everyday job and just move on. But to her surprise, it wasn't going to end.

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