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Part Two - Beginnings

When the president of that group dismissed the secretary, she let the others know that she had been "fired". Unbeknownst to the secretary, only for a short time, the president of the previous organization sent a group text out to the one remaining board member and the few others that were involved and becoming involved with him. The text was informing the group that he had, without proper board action, dismissed the secretary. When they all received that text, the secretary began getting calls from the remaining team members wanting to know what had happened. All day long and into the early evening, all but one team member was communicating amongst each other. No one wanted to remain with that organization if the secretary wasn't going to be there.

People recognize who the strong players are in organizations, they recognize who does and does not possess the required knowledge and skills to make things work. They know what and possibly who is keeping a team together, usually it is the leader along with the help of the leaders team, which means the leader must have organizational skills and be a team player as well. This was not present in this organizations team leader, the president.

Because the purpose, objectives and vision of the previous organization was the sole driving factor, the team was distraught at the thought of the mission not being accomplished. They all knew that there was no possibility of any of this happening without the secretary being there to help with the organizational aspects of the foundation. They confided to the secretary that they too were not interested in continuing if she was not going to continue on with that organization.

Amazingly, to everyone's surprise and delight, they all decided that the mission had to be accomplished, because their passion was so strong and the reasons they became involved with the previous organization, they were all willing...… start over, and so they did.

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